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25 Feb

Shots From This Morning

24 Feb Woods

Here are some shots I took of our winter morning.

Edit Your Photos in Firefox

23 Feb Edit Photos

For those of us who use Firefox, there is a great tool for editing your photos. It is almost like Photoshop (not near as good) but you never have to leave the browser.

1. You’ll need to install the Jetpack add-on first.

2. Now create a Jetpack acount.

3. Next install Image Editor. You’ll need to check ‘Let me install unreviewed jetpack’ and then click ‘Install Jetpack’.

Now all you have to do is right click on an image a click ‘Edit Image’.


22 Feb

I haven’t done much design lately because I am photoshopless at the moment. I’ve been working on a web design for a few friends though, and I’ve been having to go next door to my uncles to work on it. I’ll show you guys the design once the site is up and running. I’m hoping that I’ll have Photoshop again in the next couple of weeks because I am planning on designing and selling website templates online with my friend, who is a great web developer.

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21 Feb