A Report I Wrote on Choosing a Design Career

26 Mar

Choosing a Career in Design

Design is a big field to pursue with quite a few different divisions and jobs. So how do you know if design is the right career for you, and how do you figure out what branch of design would be a good fit? You first figure out if you have a creative eye and have the ability to create great looking designs, no matter what they are. Next your going to want to look into what different possibilities there are. Then, narrow down those possibilities by figuring out what you’re better at and what you really enjoy doing. You can even make the decision easier by figuring out how much you would like to get paid.

So how do you know if you have a gift at design? Well, do you enjoy adjusting your room to make it look nice, or do you draw or paint a lot? Maybe you just like looking at cool logos, websites, clothes, or even houses. Each one of these is a part of the world of design. These can all be signs that you probably have a creative eye and a career in design would be the right thing for you. Another way to figure out if design is the right job for you, is to ask your family and friends and see if they think that you have any creative possibilities.

Now that you know that you have a creative eye, it’s time to figure out what different design careers there are. There are many different kinds of designers: Graphic Designers, Animators, Interior Designers, Typographers, Fashion Designers, Product Designers, and Illustrators to name a few. In some ways these are all very similar, but at the same time very different.

The next step is to figure out what type of design interests you the most. A great way is to do that is to figure out what your good at, and what you enjoy doing. Once you do that, it will be much easier to narrow down you options in the field of design. Another great way to figure out what kind of design to get into, is to research how much money each job makes. Although it may be not as important as any of the other steps, it can be helpful in deciding your career.

By the time you’ve have gone through these steps you should be a little closer in your process of finding a design career. Probably the most important out of all of these is figuring out what you enjoy doing the most. After you have done this it should be much easier to find out what category of design you should pursue.


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